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The Socio-Psychopath's Achilles' Heel

by Tarry Faster

What happens when a group of socio-psychopaths* get together and, in self-defense, organize themselves? Could such a group be of any danger to the rest of us? Is such an occurrence even possible? Before we come to any instant conclusions, perhaps we should attempt to understand their nature and explore who these people are and what would motivate them to take such an action.
Imagine a time, millions of years ago, when the first early humans evolved out of the animal realm.

During those early years of mankind, many of the characteristics of the animal world were carried over into us humans. One of the primary and undisputed aspects was the necessity for a division of "labor" between the males and females. Because the females bore and cared for the young, they were naturally also involved in maintaining the domestic settlement. This relegated the bulk of the survival duties, involved with providing food and protection from the outside world, to the males.

For the purposes of our examination, it is important that we understand some of the psychological characteristics of those early males. In their primal incarnations, as mammalian animals, the search for food and the protection of the family required certain specific characteristics that were not as pronounced in the females. Besides being strong, they had to be cunning, persistent, alert, vigilant, and most importantly for our study - lack a conscience as well as emotional and cognitive empathy for those they killed.
Slowly, over thousands of years, organized and sexually harmonious communities and cultures evolved into tribes, villages, towns, cities, etc. As these various communities grew, they primarily developed cultures which maintained the aforementioned "division of labor" between men and women. While the cultures were very slowly exploring and developing more humane ways to live together, there was always a group of primarily men whose genetic makeup was not evolving as rapidly as needed in order to comply with the relatively accelerating demands for a peace seeking humanity.
Research studies (<--Critical link!) have shown that of any population, going as far back in our history as we can determine, all cultures are composed of about one percent who are firmly socio-psychopathic. There is also another seventeen percent who are powerfully susceptible to the leadership of the primary one percent. Basically, what has occurred in a relatively short historical period of time, is that the various more empathetic cultures have out-grown the socio-psychopaths, with their lagging, but culturally induced, moral ethos.
Modern media too often depicts these psychological throwbacks as obviously insane, out-of-control and bloodthirsty killers who inhabit our various viewing screens and implanted scary memories. This media created distortion is far from our current reality, since these contemporary "mentally defective" humans can now, for example, be found sitting on the boards of international mega-corporations, banks, running the military (using nuclear weapons), controlling religions, hedge funds, haunting the halls of Congress, the Mafia or even in the Oval Office obsessively deciding the fate of the world -- devoid of critical life-saving empathy for all of humanity. To emphasis this point, consider the ultimate ramifications of the socio-psychopathic nature of the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong and, more recently, the current leaders of North Korea, Russia, China as well as ... the US. (Note that they are ALL men.)

In response to their primal instinct for self-preservation, a few centuries ago the socio-psychopaths, almost intuitively, began developing "legal robots" to do their heavy-lifting dirty work for them. In fact, on the last day of the year in 1600, the first corporation in the world was "born". It was created in England and was called The East India Company. Before it was dissolved, in 1874, it was able to create its own empire by dominating half of all the trade in the world, maintain a powerful hold on British politics, dominate most of the subcontinent of India and, at one point, it had an army that not only created its own wars, but was twice the size of the British army. It was internationally recognized as being beyond any form of political or legal control!
In 1773, when the East India corporation attempted to exclude their tea from British taxation in order to dominate the tea trade in "The Colonies" of North America, it sparked the Boston Tea Party and thus their Revolution - which eventually spawned the United States of America. When the war of independence from England was over, and the colonies established their fragile democracy, it was quite natural, and incredibly wise, that they uniformly created strict restrictions on corporations. Here are just a few of the early laws which were put in place to specifically control those early corporations:
1. Corporate charters had to be for a specific period of time.
2. Corporations had to have a specific objective and when that was met, their charter expired.
3. One corporation could not own another corporation.
4. If a corporation became involved in politics, it lost its charter.
5. If a corporation broke the law it lost its charter.
6. Corporate owners were personally (criminally and financially) liable for the acts of their corporation.
With such heavy-handed control of corporations in the early days of our country, how did we end up today - where severely under-regulated international corporations now have more legal rights and power than us humans - as well as being legally granted eternal life? How did we ignore history and allow this inversion of our democracy - whereby WE, the people, are now controlled by corporations (which are owned and run by socio-psychopathic capitalists) instead of us having control over them?
The start of the evolutionary "freedom" of the corporations in the US began very slowly in 1886, with the illegal sidebar notation of a court reporter in a relatively minor court dispute over land rights in California. You can read all about it here, in an excerpt from Thom Hartmann's incredible book on the subject.
The end result - over the last one-hundred thirty-plus years - has been the decades long creation of the perfect legal mirror of a non-human socio-psychopathic slave to primarily benefit the human socio-psychopaths of the world. Dr. Robert Hare, the world's acknowledged Canadian expert on these types of mental throwbacks, can best describe this corporate aspect of our world in this, his YouTube video on the subject.
By the end of World War II, the socio-psychopaths quickly realized, and began to take advantage of, the international military, political and vast economic power which had been achieved over the nearly total devastation of the losing countries of that war. To facilitate this burgeoning thrust into empire, they used their corporations to further create, manipulate and thus massively profit from what Eisenhower initially labeled as the, "military-industrial-congressional complex." To this day, after innumerable wars and deaths, this model is not only still functioning, but expanding -- to the point where the vital control of democracy has been inverted by industry and we are witnessing, in real time, the rapid demise and ruin of our ever more fragile peace seeking attempt at self-governance!
One new and rapidly expanding aspect of these ancient, but still pervasive dire realities, has to do with Artificial Super Intelligent (ASI). As we develop ASI using quantum computing, humanity will be opening an unparalleled era of data processing which far exceeds the ability of our human brains to even conceive! The construction of the initial moral structures for these early ASI models MUST have, as their central and primary tenet, individuals with tested and proven universal empathy built around the internationally accepted concept of strict codes of ethics - especially for all sentient beings. Otherwise, we will be building another form of potential universal slavery and/or suicide!
As we go back to our original premise/questions and we look at all of this objectively, we must conclude that now, in our lifetime, we have allowed massive, out-of-control, democracy and capitalism corrupting corporations to completely dominate every aspect of our existence and by extension - the all powerful socio-psychopaths who control them, and thus -- US. Indeed, the obvious result is that the balance of all life on this - our only planet - is now in dire peril! Not only by the socio-psychopaths and their self-imaged, legally created, corporate robots (which, in reality, only exist as text on pieces of paper somewhere in the file folders of lawyer's offices) -- but by the prospective immoral computer programming models which they will surely permanently install into the various upcoming forms of the aforementioned self-replicating ASI devices! And then there is -- genetic modification using CRISPR ...
So, what is the answer? What possible "Achilles Heel" could be alluded to in the title of this article? What could we possibly do to ward off the dark state of affairs which way too few of us have come to recognize as being such an incredible threat? If we have identified the primary source, then what is the primary solution? Again, take into consideration the ancient original and still very contemporary division of labor. The dominant males with their suppressed empathy instincts and the mostly submissive females with their expansive empathy. It should now become obvious that the WOMEN of the world are the Achilles Heel of the socio-psychopaths!
Now that many women of the world are capable of controlling their reproduction processes, and thus family size, an exploding number are finally becoming liberated enough to inject their vitally needed, life-saving empathy into numerous critical aspects of humanity. All over the globe, there is a sparkling new female force asserting itself throughout our various cultures. The long overdue liberation, which they are just beginning to experience, is coming forth with the additional jolt of motivation that has been engendered after eons of heart-wrenching, patriarchal, socio-psychopathic suppression.
The women have, on a genetically induced intuitive level, known for centuries that the stressful male dominated structures which are now in place, must be realigned for the benefit of us all. It has been, for many centuries, obvious to them that the various corporate, financial, social, legal, military, racial, political, union, religious, media, gun control, etc., systems upon which our civilizations now use to assert control - must be "reset" - along with new controls put in place! We can no longer wait -- even another ten or less years -- for powerful socio-psychologically bent men to slowly evolve out of the way of urgently needed, massive life-saving, radical progress. They must N.O.W., with the aid of all sympathetic men, abandon any tendency toward internal female competitiveness and instead use that energy to unite and take over the reins of power and, as a unified force, save the world from the extinction of all life!
Of course, the highly public and natural stage for them to initially assert themselves is in the tricky male dominated realm of politics. However, recent studies have shown that women are much better managers and this will give them a built-in edge in not only the political arena, but in the corporate board rooms and other theaters of power, as well. Additionally, because of their innate genetic and universal skills involving personal relations, they are much more capable of dealing with eons of male dominated and aggressive structures on both local and international levels.
By now you may have guessed that this is all pointing to an international role reversal on an unprecedented level; a drastic reconfiguration of human society! The Fredrick Douglass adage which states that, "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." certainly applies and should be taken into serious and organized consideration. The fact is, that they will be going up against many deeply embedded sociological, political, economic, religious, racial and cultural structures with iron-fisted controls over vast wealth and power.

However, the advantage women have - which makes them not only the best, but ONLY possible resource for real, time sensitive, change - comes from the reality that they have literally been, and are still, "inbedded" with the stress generating, conscienceless, empathy deficient opposition from the primordial start of this historic and primarily gender-based international disparity.

This is not a completely unprecedented social structure. One of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, was so intrigued by how the Iroquois Indians integrated women into all of their long range planning, that he attempted to incorporate parts of their philosophy into our Constitution - unfortunately, to little avail.
"The Iroquois' extension of liberty and political participation to women surprised some eighteenth-century Euro-American observers. An unsigned contemporary manuscript in the New York State Library reported that when Iroquois men returned from hunting, they turned everything they had caught over to the women. "Indeed, every possession of the man except his horse & his rifle belong to the woman after marriage; she takes care of their Money and Gives it to her husband as she thinks his necessities require it," the unnamed observer wrote. The writer sought to refute assumptions that Iroquois women were "slaves of their husbands." "The truth is that Women are treated in a much more respectful manner than in England & that they possess a very superior power; this is to be attributed in a very great measure to their system of Education." The women, in addition to their political power and control of allocation from the communal stores, acted as communicators of culture between generations. It was they who educated the young."

The solution to an ongoing problem, usually resides within its source!

When we take into consideration the unimaginable and pressing international problems of anthropogenic climate disruption, we MUST radically revise our pervasive thinking through a 2017 book on the subject called Drawdown, by Paul Hawkin. Paul, and his very large and dedicated team of experts, educators, scientists and researchers, took a unique, but incredibly important new perspective on the subject. Rather than just assuming which CAUSES of climate disruption should be addressed, they thoroughly researched and rated which rejuvenating actions needed to be taken in order to most effectively and expediently RETARD and REVERSE the affects of climate disruption. The chart he and his team created, rates -- by order of importance -- the most effective means of stopping/stunting climate disruption and profoundly re-arranges the popularly assumed consensus on the subject.

Here is a screen shot of the first 10 of 80 items from their first full chart (a newer one has recently been published):
Note that item numbers 3 & 4 are highlighted because the women of the world have a more direct and disproportionate affect on the food we select to eat. Also, you may note item numbers 6 & 7 involve helping women gain more education and control over family size, which will go a long way toward curbing the ongoing and exponentially exploding demands on our environment through the rapid and unsustainable population expansion. Also, with the Amazon jungles now on fire, notice that it falls into the number 5 slot on the chart! BTW, the first solution regarding the use of fossil fuels is way down on the list (#26). Also, it is important to note that the net savings or"profit" for enacting all 80 of the listed solutions would be in excess of $46 Trillion net!
Two well known activist, who have actively supported this approach to reversing our Climate Crisis, are Leonado DiCaprio with his award winning HBO documentary film Ice on Fire (featuring Thom Hartmann) as well as founder, Bill McKibben -- who has given many lectures on Drawdown; click here and here.
To even consider inverting the entrenched and pervasive power structures of the world may seem like an impossible task. However, it may not be so daunting when we take into consideration that we are again talking about a movement with a majority of the members already strategically in place and genetically in sync with their mutually recognized and universal objectives. In fact, the assertive opening salvos have already begun; first in Denmark, Canada, Sweden and more recently in the 2018 Mid-Term elections in the United States. The women of the world - AND their young children - are doing more than just standing by and watching our world collapse -- they are uniting for an emergency rush to power!
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

--- Margaret Mead

The mis-handling and corruption of the current Covid-19 Pandemic by the Trump administration, is a

perfect example of the damage that a lawless cult of socio-psychopaths can foster on an international level.

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Conscience Permaculture models for the benefit of all women and thus the rest of the world!


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*My personal contraction of the two similar terms, "sociopath" and "psychopath".

First posted March 9, 2019 and continually updated, as needed.